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Quality First

OZDairy is a large Australian 100% family owned dairy enterprise with highly automatic production control, independent lab, and a strong and professional research team. Thanks to premium products, OZDairy has won a great number of certificates and recognition, Certificate of Australian Origin, Health Certificate, Food Safety Certificates, Dairy Products Safety Certificate, and Sanitary Certificate for Dairy Products.

Established in 1980, OZDairy has expanded into one of Australia’s leading dairy food specialist. We are a specialist supplier, blender and packer of quality Australian dairy products. Our prime location in Victoria – the heart of Australia's dairy state – has helped us forge strong supply relationships with some of Australia's major dairies and given us access to a wide range of quality dairy products at world competitive prices. We turn farming products into quality packaged retail products for you.

OZDairy utilizes the brand image of superior grade, high-quality products that Australia has established in the international market place.
We work in close partnership with Australian and international manufacturers, marketers and distributors, developing product solutions that ultimately provide OZDairy with an wide-ranging portfolio and the capacity to secure consistent supply and competitive pricing.

OZDairy’s team is well qualified in dairy foods technology, management, logistics and international trade. This background, combined with Australia’s superiority in the manufacture of quality dairy products and a commitment to customer service excellence enables OZDairy to succeed in this competitive global market.

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